Luxbar New Winter Menu Features Gibsons’ Steaks

Luxbar and Chef Mike Burkauskas announce the launch of their new winter menu, which, among other savory additions, now features Gibsons’ prime steaks from PM Beef.  Other exciting additions include a “beefed up” burger and slider section featuring 15 varieties, and soup and sandwich/slider combos for $10.00 and under.  Luxbar favorites like their famous Truffle Fries, Buffalo Chicken Salad, and their Roast Prime Rib on Friday and Saturday nights have of course not gone anywhere.  Complete menu available upon request.

Chicagoans not wanting to wait for a table or reservation at the famed Gibsons Steakhouse can now walk across the street to Luxbar and enjoy several different Gibsons’ steaks in Luxbar’s more casual atmosphere.  Luxbar’s menu now features a Filet Mignon, WR Chicago Cut, New York Sirloin and a Bone-In New York Sirloin.

PM Beef, located in Windom, Minnesota, works with local ranchers within 150-mile radius of their facility to produce Gibsons’ 100% Angus Prime beef.  Rancher, Tom Revier, runs a cutting-edge eco-friendly ranch at which he uses waste for fertilizer, energy and nursery soil enhancements.  Gibsons and now Luxbar are proud to be the only Chicagoland restaurants serving this exclusive Angus Prime Beef.

18 E Bellevue Place, Chicago, IL 60611, 312.642.3400


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