Fine Dine Deal to Launch July 2010

Diners are invited to lose the coupon and dine in style

July 14, 2010 (Chicago) – FineDineDEAL is a revolutionary new concept in fine dining launching in the Chicago market this July at  As an online marketplace, FineDineDEAL connects restaurants striving to maximize revenue during off-peak hours with diners who crave a fine dining experience at an exceptional value.

By offering unique multi-course menus from premier restaurants, at accessible prices, FineDineDEAL is ideal for couples, corporate event planners, large celebratory groups and tourists looking for extraordinary dining options at market-driven prices.  A sample of current participating restaurants and deals in Chicago includes four courses at Sunda for $45, three courses at Le Colonial for $35, 4 courses at mk for $44, 4 courses at one sixtyblue for $40, 3 courses for $29 at Flatwater and three courses at Prosecco for $35.  Additional participating restaurants include N9NE Steakhouse, aria at the Fairmont, The Drawing Room, Bella Notte, and many more.

Highlights for Diners
Diners can choose from an array of celebrated restaurants offering multi-course menus with optional wine pairing upgrades, then book online.
With FineDineDEAL, diners are encouraged to enjoy first-rate culinary experiences at a fraction of the cost.  Restaurants are competing for their business, so diners win!
FineDineDEAL is great for large groups who prefer to know exactly how much they will spend in advance – they can even split the check ahead of time online.
Diners do not have to hold on to a coupon or use within a limited time; they follow their regular dining behavioral patterns and book the way they typically do – except instead of just getting a reservation, they also get a great deal.
Diners can taste Spicy Tuna Poke at The Drawing Room, Skirt Steak with Watermelon, Grilled Mustard Greens and Yucca at hotspot Elate, Grilled Salmon with Vermicelli Noodles and Ginger Lime Garlic Sauce at Gold Coast favorite Le Colonial, Lemongrass Beef Lollipops and Miso Bronzed Black Cod at Sunda and other delectable dishes at prices reduced up to 45%.

Highlights for Restaurants
FineDineDEAL empowers restaurants to fill seats during otherwise slow times with a trackable ROI and a more productive profit margin than other promotional programs.
Restaurants don’t compromise their brands while delivering value to their diners.
Restaurants can manage their pricing and offerings via real-time back-end controls based on supply and demand analytics.

Says Founder and CEO Rakesh Thakkar, “Restaurants have a very perishable item – a seat.  Once that seat stays unfilled for any time slot, it is lost forever.  FineDineDEAL gives restaurants a platform to fill that seat at a price diners are willing to pay.  Other industries such as airlines and hotels have evolved using real-time pricing platforms to maximize their efficiency and present value for consumers.  FineDineDEAL is here to lead the way for restaurants to do the same.  It’s now time for restaurants to evolve.”

The Founders
Rakesh Thakkar brings more than 14 years of hospitality experience and six years of hi-tech experience to his new venture as Founder and CEO of FineDineDEAL.  Rakesh started his career at Andersen Consulting and KPMG as a technology consultant helping Fortune 500 companies implement ERP solutions such as PeopleSoft.  After a several years of consulting, Rakesh’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to the hospitality industry where he has operated cutting edge restaurants and lounges in Chicago.  Rakesh holds a degree in Management Information Systems and Finance from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University-Bloomington.  When he’s not pursuing the next big deal, Rakesh enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, travelling, yoga and playing tennis.  The idea behind FineDineDEAL was conceived while he was doing a headstand and thinking of creative ways to maximize revenue at the restaurant he was operating.

Nick Hira brings more than 10 years of business development & strategy/solutions consulting experience to his position as Co-Founder of FineDineDEAL.  Previously, Nick worked at WhittmanHart Consulting and CCC Information Services where he gained extensive knowledge in the creation and development of B2C, B2B & Business Intelligence solutions. Nick is also a licensed Illinois real estate agent with @properties and managing partner of Dome Investments LLC. Nick received his bachelors of science degree in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business.  He has lived in downtown Chicago since 1998


One response to “Fine Dine Deal to Launch July 2010

  1. I love the release of this new site. It makes a lot of sense and will really allow people to get a fine dining experience at a lower cost. Great idea.

    Thank you for sharing


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