BigTop JoJo and his Towering Show of Wonder at Excalibur

Excalibur & Vision Nightclubs in association with Jonny Stax Presents announces Phenomenal Phantasmagoria every Friday and Saturday.  BigTop JoJo and his Towering Show of Wonder dissolves the wall between center ring and sideshow as he transforms Excalibur into his Phenomenal Phantasmagoria, a mystical midway bursting with audacious entertainments, mythical creatures, and thrilling acts of virtuosity.

The Phenomenal Phantasmagoria is a newly-developed, innovative evening of both center-ring and sideshow entertainments interwoven with fantastical storytelling, puppetry, original music, and a revolving roster of celebrity performers and specialty acts from the worlds of circus, burlesque, theatre, and music.      This new invention in entertainment from the Chicago-based creators of Carpenters Halloween and Diva Brunch offers adventurous audiences an experiential extravaganza where a Family of Freaks unite for an evening of magic and music, dancing and dreamscapes, comedy and curiosities.  Photos available upon request.

WHEN: 8:00 PM -10:00 PM
Fridays and Saturdays through August 28, 2010

TICKETS: $20 per person, tickets at or call 800-838-3006

Excalibur & Vision Nightclub
632 North Dearborn Street, Chicago
(312) 266-1944

About BigTop JoJo

BigTop JoJo is the fictitious ringmaster of the Towering Show of Wonder. He is an entertainer of exaggerated proportions who embraces the freak in everyone and celebrates the freak within him. In his travels, he has met the magnificent and terrifying souls who are now permanent companions on his journey:  the turtle boy, the mermaid, the woman made of lava rock, the emperor from a land where human and plant life comingle, and others.  Their stories compose the spectacular phantasmagoria on which The Towering Show of Wonder revolves.

The mythology of the fictional BigTop JoJo and his Family of Freaks who travel the world with their caravan of curiosities is being developed by producer/creator Jonny Stax with theatrical director Cheryl Snodgrass, a core ensemble of performers and puppeteers, a diverse team of designers led by The Scooty & JoJo Show’s Scott Bradley, and with contributions from selected writers and composers from around the country.

Performing Artists

The performing artists creating the Family of Freaks and Towering Show core ensemble include Ryan Brandoff, Colin Creveling, Jenn Dollface, Naomi Finkelstein, Tom Hill, Hilary Holbrook, Allison Logan, Virginia Martinez, Jeff Pressley, Ashley Sherburne, Ellie Sorokin, Brett Tewell, Mark Umstattd, and Noel Williams.

Established artists confirmed to be featured on various evenings in 2010 include 500 Clown’s Molly Brennan and her Madam Barker Show with songwriter John Fournier, pop performance artist Lady Jack, nationally-acclaimed contortionist and martial artist Kelvin Gordon, and gender queer performance artist Scooty of The Scooty & JoJo Show. Specialty acts to perform nightly include belly dancers, magicians, aerialists, freak performance artists, clowns, opera singers, hoop and flag dancers, fortunetellers, glass walkers, and poi fire artists.

Jonny Stax Presents, Inc., is a Chicago-based entertainment company that develops and produces creative ventures and learning opportunities that progress imaginative understanding through an innovative blend of media, participants, and content.


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