Quartino Introduces Exclusive Argentinean Wines

Quartino introduces exclusive Argentinean wines – from Don Cristobal 1492 – imported directly from Mendoza, Argentina.  These two wines are produced under the Gotan label, and imported exclusively for Quartino.   Guests can now enjoy a 2009 Shiraz (red) and 2010 Chardonnay / Torrontes blend (white).

Don Cristóbal 1492 is an innovative, modern winery that processes its own grapes, selecting and collecting the grapes by hand. With a strong commitment to local and international development, Don Cristobal 1492 is positioned as a reputable brand within highly competitive markets, such as Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region.        

WHEN:           Available now, lunch and dinner

COST:             $6 for quartino, $12 for mezzo, $18 for bottle and $24 for litro

Quartino Ristorante
626 N State
Chicago, IL 60654


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