Luxbar Football Season Specials

Tailgate Menu, LUXBuckets and More

LUXBAR invites Chicagoans to go LUX this football season.  With16 HD flatscreen televisions showing games all season long, special Tailgate Menu, Mix-and-Match LUXBuckets and themed cocktail specials, LUXBAR is the Gold Coast’s gold standard for game-watching. 

LUXBAR’s Tailgate Menu, available all season long whenever NFL or College games are on, includes Wings for $4.50 ($9 during non-game times) with rotating flavors throughout the course of the season; Beer and Bratwurst Fondue, a creamy mixture of Laack Brothers 4 yr old cheddar, onions, garlic, cream, Sam Adams and Sheboygan brats served with grilled baguette slices, for $4.50 ($9.00 during non-game times); Mix-and-Match LUXBuckets and themed cocktails.

The LUXBuckets are $24 for six bottles, and selection includes Amstel, Bass, Bluemoon, Buckler N/A, Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Corona, Heineken, Heineken Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, New Castle, Pabst, and Red Stripe. Special game-themed cocktails will rotate throughout the season and will be available on NFL and College game days for $5, on non-game days prices range from $10 – $12.

WHEN: Tailgate Menu available beginning September 9 and continuing whenever any NFL or College game is televised

COST: Food items: $4.50
             LUXBuckets: $24 for 6 bottles
             Cocktails: $5

18 E Bellevue Place
Chicago, IL 60611


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