Tavern on Rush Celebrates Alaskan Red King Crab Season

When Alaskan Red King Crab season begins on Friday, October 15, Tavern on Rush will be raring to go.  The popular Gold Coast dining destination will feature special menu during this anticipated annual culinary event, once again partnering with The Crab Broker, the premier supplier of Alaskan Red King Crab in the country. 

Tavern on Rush Executive Chef John Gatsos will serve up half ($18.95) and full ($36.95) pounds of Alaskan Bristol Bay King Crab legs, which are prized for their sweet and succulent flavor and outstanding texture.  The legs will come served on ice with lemon, cocktail sauce and honey mustard sauce.  Guests can also request to have the crab legs steamed with drawn butter or served as part of a surf-and-turf entree accompanied by one of Tavern on Rush’s hearty steaks.  The Alaskan Red King Crab special will begin on Friday, October 15 and last as long as supplies are in stock. 

Tavern on Rush will team up with The Crab Broker for the sixth year for this promotion.  During the Red King Crab season, crabs will be delivered live to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, where each one is processed, cooked and chilled. Fresh crab is then shipped on cargo planes for a three-hour flight to Anchorage, then transferred and delivered to Tavern on Rush via FedEx.  Some 14,000,000 to 16,000,000 pounds of crab will be harvested by approximately 80 vessels, and the live crabs will range in size from 6 pounds to 9 pounds.

Tavern on Rush
1031 N. Rush Street
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 664-9600

About The Crab Broker
Since 1992, The Crab Broker has supplied upscale restaurants and retailers with fresh cooked, never frozen Alaska Red King Crab.  They are responsible for developing the first fresh cooked King Crab program, and today are the leaders in providing the best Red King Crab in the market.  For more information, visit www.crabbroker.com.


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