Kama Bistro Celebrates Vegetarian Month

Kama Indian Bistro in La Grange will celebrate National Vegetarian Month by highlighting fresh and healthy vegetarian specials as well as an exclusive $29 vegetarian prix fixe menu for two people.  Dishes are available at both lunch and dinner.  A sample menu of specials is available below, and the full menu is available upon request.

WHEN: Friday, October 1 through Sunday, October 31

COST: $4.45 – $29

Prix Fixe for Two – $29
Any vegetarian appetizer, two main courses, Nan bread, Kheer rice pudding

Chilly Crispy Potatoes – $4.45
Crispy potato fingers coated with chile garlic flavored tomato sauceSpinach Kabab – $4.45
Cake of spinach leaves, onion, garlic fried, crispSamosa – $4
Crispy patties filled with mildly spiced potatoes and peas

Main Courses:
Malai Kofta – $11.95
Creamy cheese and potato dumplings in special cream yellow sauce

Okra do Piazza
– $11.95
Okra with cumin seeds, onion and tangy mango powderEggplant Bharta – $11.95
Open fire baked smoke flavored mashed eggplant cooked in onions, tomatoes, and spices

W. Burlington Avenue
La Grange, IL 60525
Phone: (708) 352-3300

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