Koi Hosts Sake Tasting

WHAT: Koi in Evanston presents an exciting event this Thursday, February 10 featuring a fun, informal tasting of a dynamic range of sakes from traditional, artisanal breweries led by Winebow Sake Specialists Claudio LoCascio and Midori Roth.

For only $25 per person, guests will enjoy a sake tasting paired with fresh sushi and traditional Chinese appetizers.  Plus, each guest will receive a $20 gift certificate for use on his or her next visit.  Reservations are required by calling 847-866-6969.  

WHEN:  Thursday, February 10
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

SAKE:  Featured Sakes include:
Ichishima Silk Deluxe Junmai, Niigata, Japan
Hideyoshi Namacho Honjozo, Akita, Japan
Ichishima Honjozo, Niigata, Japan
Chokaisan Junmai Ginjo Nigori, Akita, Japan
Dewatsuru Kimoto Junmai, Akita Japan
Manabito Kimoto Junmai Ginjo, Akita, Japan
Minato “Harbor” Tsuchizaki Yamahai Nama Genshu Futsuu, Akita, Japan
(Retail range of featured Sake $12.00 – $47.00)

WHERE:        KOI
624 Davis Street, Evanston, 60201
Lunch: Monday-Saturday 11:30 AM-2:30 PM
Dinner: Sunday-Thursday 4:30-10 PM
                               Friday – Saturday 4:30 PM-11 PM


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