Chicago q is Chicago’s Bourbon Headquarters

Chicago q, the city’s newest hot spot for upscale barbecue is also the city’s headquarters for rare and exclusive bourbons, rye whiskeys and whiskey.  Featured among the 20 bourbons on the list are the recently highest-rated by Wine & Spirits Elijah Crain 18-year old and Parker Heritage Golden Heritage.  Chicagoans can try both, along with Evan Williams Vintage 2000, for only $22 as part of the Single Barrel Flight. Other rare libations to sample include the award-winning Rittenhouse, WhistlePig and Sazerac Rye. Complete list is available upon request.

Chicagoans are invited to enjoy any of Chicago q’s bourbons, or one of their exclusive bourbon flights, in their unique style of service.  Each bourbon is served on a silver tray, neat, accompanied by a rocks glass with a house-made 1.25-inch ice cube and an eye-dropper filled with distilled water. 

WHEN:  Available Now

WHERE: Chicago q
1160 N. Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60610


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