Maxine Trend Report: Crimping

Chicago, IL – Sometimes a girl needs a little lift.  Backcombing can be so yesterday, with all the attendant anxieties about breaking one’s hair or being left with a snarly clump.  What to do? Maxine creative director Amy Abramite has the perfect solution.

“My new favorite tool is a small texturizing iron,” she says. It looks like a flat iron, but instead of the plates being smooth, they are triangular to form a miniature crimper. This texturizing iron’s primary function is to create body and volume. It can be used in the areas of the hair that need lift, such as the crown.

Explains Abramite: “To create extra body and volume, take small sections of hair at the scalp and crimp only the first inch of the hair. This will result in an explosion of lift, with the slightest change in texture. Because the crimping plates are so small, the hair’s natural texture is slightly altered in appearance, but the amount of body is amplified.”

This is best for fine, straight hair in any length. It significantly amps up the volume. The crimper is also useful to give lift around the hairline framing the face. Or a vertical section can be crimped to give the hair some textural interest. “If you really want to get crazy with it you can crimp all of your hair, and then use that immense volume for an updo you’ll never forget,” adds Abramite.

A little product before and after is helpful. Before crimping use a spritz of Shu Uemura Ample Angora Volumizing Light Foam or Kérastase Mousse Volumactive, then fix it with Shu Uemura’s Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray or Kérastase Double Force hairspray.

For a complimentary consultation or to make an appointment with Abramite, please call 312.751.1511. Maxine is open Monday through Saturday with evening hours. Valet parking is available.

Maxine Salon
712 North Rush Street
Chicago IL 60611
Valet parking is available.


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