Lottie’s Pub 77th Anniversary Party

Lottie’s Pub will celebrate its 77th anniversary this May with an all day bash featuring live music from rock band Pistols at Dawn at 2:00 PM, country-rock band Grimm Taylor at 6:00 PM and live band karaoke at 9:00 PM.  A complimentary buffet will be available beginning at noon and will feature an array of signature Lottie’s items including pizza, tots and more.  Guests will also enjoy drink specials including 77-cent draft beers and $4 Jameson.

In 1934, Lottie Zagorski transformed a former grocery store into what now still stands as a local tavern in Chicago’s Shakespeare District.  For over thirty years, Lottie’s basement served as a place of anonymity for mobsters, political figures, and more.  Lively parties, horse betting, strip teasing, and all-night poker extravaganzas thrived beyond the doors that quietly sat on the corner of Cortland and Winchester.  Lottie became a well-known individual among city figures, acting as an intermediary for both sides of the law.  In honor of the woman behind the story, Lottie’s Pub celebrates its namesake with a variety of activities, illuminating the era that defined Lottie’s Pub as a Chicago landmark.

WHEN:  Saturday, May 21 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM

COST:  No Cover

1925 W Cortland
Chicago IL 60622
Tel: 773.489.0738


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