Maxine Introduces New Staff

Maxine Salon celebrates three new stylists to enhance their already renowned team.  Colorist John Blue, stylist Reese Travis, and stylist Aaron David, all formerly of TRIO Salon, are now a part of the Maxine team.  “The talent these three bring is a given,” says Maxine, “We welcome them with open arms because we know that their philosophy is client-centered—that’s exactly how we operate.”

John Blue
Blue lives on his clients’ energy.  So, the former ashy-brunette now screaming about the golden locks she never thought she’d have?  That’s like a double shot of espresso for Blue.
Rapper by Night: Outside the salon, Blue becomes Johnny Dangerous, but he knows how to share the spotlight: “I like to give my clients that feeling of being a celebrity themselves.”
Blue on Gray:  “When it comes to gray hair, I’m a huge proponent of keeping things light and soft,” says Blue. Too often colorists will go toward darker tones, which aren’t always flattering to the client’s skin.
The Blue-and-Reese Effect: What makes their collaborations so fab? Reese knows how to add layers and fine cutting to really showcase the color (and vice versa).

Reese Travis
Engaging and altogether delightful, stylist Reese Travis brings a creativity and style to his work that clients love.  Throw in a dedication to the latest techniques and you have a perfect combination.
Product Overload:  The #1 mistake Reese sees is too much product: “Start with a good foundation, get most of the moisture out, then add the right amount of the right product.”
Updos Galore:  When it comes to the art of the updo, Reese is a veritable sculptor. From soft/ cascading to sleek/architectural, the result is always a masterpiece, in that flashing-lights-and-hushed-crowd kind of way.
The Mane Event:  Growing up in Iowa, Reese was somewhat at a loss for willing hair models, so he often settled for braiding manes and tails. Adorable, right?

Aaron David
The only thing better than a bombshell blowout that last for days? A bombshell blowout you can recreate at home. (In which case, Aaron’s polished styles are just for you!)
Sleepless in Chicago:  Aaron takes the term detail-oriented to a new level. “Sometimes I can be a little obsessive about my work,” laughs Aaron, “If a cut doesn’t meet a certain standard, I lose sleep.”
People Watching:  Aaron’s inspiration?  “People walking down the street—their clothes, their hair. I take little bits of the places I go and people I meet, and I make it my own.”
Wrench to Shears:  Unlike his two coworkers, Aaron didn’t start out cutting or coloring—he started as an auto technician. After a few years under the hood, he decided it was time for a creative change (and boy, his clients are glad he did!).

Guests can call 312.751.1511 to schedule an appointment with John Blue, Reese Travis, or Aaron David, formerly of TRIO Salon.

Maxine Salon
712 North Rush Street
Chicago IL 60611
Valet parking is available.


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