Koi Sushi Chef’s Table in June

Koi in Evanston’s new sushi chef Guosheng Yu’s passion for developing exciting sushi creations is demonstrated in this exclusive monthly dining experience.  Guests at the Chef’s Table are seated at the intimate sushi bar with a full view of the chef’s work area and will experience the creative process first-hand as they are treated to 8-courses.  They will watch as their menu samplings are handcrafted, paired with sake and explained by Chef Yu.  For added viewing, Chef’s Yu’s deft knife skills and artistic talents will be shown via live camera feed on an HD screen above the sushi bar.

This month’s Chef’s Table event will feature delicacies like Ebi Sonomono Seaweed SaladHamaguri Clam Soup, and Crispy and Crunchy Fire Maki among other creations.  Complete menu and descriptions are below. 

The first Tuesday of every month Chef Yu will showcase new recipes and creations for twelve lucky diners at the sushi bar.  The unique eight-course tasting menu will feature the freshest sushi in artful presentations paired with featured wines and sake.

WHEN:  Tuesday, June 7 at 7:00 PM

TICKETS:   $45 per person, all-inclusive.
                        Tickets are required and available online:

NEXT:          Next Chef’s Table Events: 
                        Tuesday, July 5
                        Tuesday, August 2

Ebi Sonomono Seaweed Salad

Zipang, Sparkling Sake, Junmai
Slight sweetness with flavors of fruit and flowers, dry and clean on the finish

Yam Sweet Potato Tempura
Dewazakura Oka, Cherry Bouquet, Junmai Daiginjo
Highly aromatic with flavors of light fruit and flower petals and a long dry finish

Hamaguri Clam Soup
Gekkeikan, Nigori, Unfiltered Junmai
An unfiltered sake with a full body, and sweet tropical fruit

Baked Salmon Skin Salad
Ty-Ku, Black, Junmai Ginjo
Soft and creamy with a long, spicy, crisp finish

Chicago Maki
Masumi, Mirror of Truth, Junmai Ginjo
Aromas of flowers and herbs are followed by rich fruits and light minerals

Crispy and Crunchy Fire Maki 
Gekkeikan, Black and Gold, Junmai Ginjo
This is an exceptionally smooth Sake, hints of fresh melon and papaya flavors. 
Great finish accents just a touch of toasted nut.

Chirashi Assorted Fresh Cut Fish
Manbito, Kimoto, Junmai Ginjo
Mellow acids, dry with great richness

Ketsumatsu- Chef Guosheng’s interpretation of the classic fruit salad
Gekkeikan Plum Wine
Gekkeikan Plum Wine is different from standard umeshu (plum liqueur)which is typically made by adding plum fruit to shochu or other white liquor.  Gekkeikan Plum Wine is made by a unique recipe utilizing select fermented plums, which produce a refreshingly fruity fragrance and delicate taste.
WHERE:       KOI
624 Davis Street, Evanston, 60201
Lunch: Monday-Saturday: 11:30 AM-2:30 PM
Dinner: Sunday-Thursday: 4:30-10 PM
                        Friday – Saturday: 4:30 PM-11 PM


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